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Engaging xRM framework

xRM1 Business Solutions recognized early on, the appeal of the Microsoft xRM Framework. We immediately developed our solution to be fully integrated within the xRM Framework. Today, there are a multitude of extensive and fully developed Business Solutions available.

The Microsoft xRM Framework

The innovative Microsoft xRM Framework enables the efficient development of business software. The economic benefit, compared to traditional software development, is 60-90%. This leap in efficiency is based on two pillars:

1. The platform allows developers to access basic functions as fully functional modules:

  • Authorization model
  • Web enablement
  • Interfaces
  • Customizing
  • Mobile use

One can use these modules and immediately begin implementing specialized requirements.

2. The framework contains a modern development platform for quicker implementation of specific requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft developed Dynamics CRM 2011 based on their own xRM Framework. The starting point was interdepartmental contact management. Functions for managing customer relations in sales, marketing, and service departments have been added.

Open development environment

xRM Framework is open, meaning it’s not just for Microsoft developers. Three additional business models have established themselves:

1. Professional software providers such as xRM1 Business Solutions are extending the platform to support other processes such as Project Management and Idea Management and thereby satisfying customer demand for fully integrated work

2. CRM implementers extend the platform through industry templates which represent the specific requirements of a sector.

3. Customers extend the solution to help better represent their company’s specific requirements.

Solutions, from all three approaches, can be combined with each other. The goal is always to harmoniously unite efficiency with individuality.

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